Monday, December 5, 2011

Install Wibiya Toolboar Plugin

Wibiya Toolboar Plugin is toolboar that can be installed on the blog making it easier for us to share or post to Facebook to Tweeter, Wibiya Toolboar Some features are often used by users of the blog is Lastest Post, Subscribe, Real-time Users, Facebook Like Button, Tweet Button. How to install Wibiya Toolboar are:

1. Visit

2. Click the GET IT NOW!

3. Fill out the Registration Form and click next

4. Select a theme and then click next

5. Select Apps that you want and click next

6. Enter an RSS feed and click Done

7. Choose a blog platform, or just click on Install on websites and other blog platforms.

8. Copy the finished script to the blog.

9. Open Blogger - Design - Add a Gadget - HTML / JavaScript - Paste Script Wibiya Toolboar - Click Save

10. Click View Blog, Wibiya Toolboar already installed on the Blog page.

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