Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1by1 Music Player

Several years ago, the application of the most popular music player by the computer user is WinAmp, because in addition to a charming appearance also offered facilities are also very complete. With the development of computer technology is so fast, WinAmp also performed with the new designs are more sophisticated, but unfortunately the program WinAmp music player also takes up memory that is large enough that sometimes troublesome if the computer that we use to work often stopped briefly because of shared memory WinAmp.

So what? If we use our computer memory mediocre and you only need to listen to music while working without wanting interrupted his computer, there is a program that is very minimalist music player with a very small memory using the 1by1 player.

1by1 player that size is only 155kb play music directly from the folder that stores music files. But make no mistake, though its size is very small, the resulting sound is also pretty good, and its features are also quite complete, although with a minimalist look. But most importantly 1by1 player uses only a very small computer memory so that we can work while listening to the song without being distracted by the memory in use music player.

For download at:

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  1. Info yang sangat berguna nih Sobat, thanks.

  2. Walo tampilan sederhana tapi makan memorynya kerennn... :-D